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Faculty Engagement

Meet the Faculty in Residence


Dr. Ann Batenburg
Faculty in Residence – Virginia-Snider Residential Commons

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Teaching & Learning
Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development

The FiR program will first allow me to be a better teacher. I often feel disconnected from the lives of my students at this level. As a fifth grade teacher, I always knew what the students were reading, watching, and listening to - I had them in class for six hours each day. Having students for only 3 hours each week leaves very little time for extended discussions about their lives.

Video: Ann Batenburg describes Life in SMU's Residential Commons 


Martin Camp, J.D.
Faculty in Residence – Crum Residential Commons

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dedman School of Law

I am excited about the opportunity to develop a new sense of community for students that revolves around the commons.  Living on campus two years has so many advantages and I am very happy that this program has been initiated. College is a time of such growth and change. Often some of our strongest friendship bonds are forged during this critical time in our lives. I believe this program can make it easier for students to adapt to this challenge and to develop new and enduring friendships on campus.


Jim Hart
Faculty in Residence – McElvaney Residential Commons

Director of Arts Entrepreneurship and Professor of Practice
Meadows School of the Arts

He is a professor of practice at Meadows School of the Arts, serving as director of Arts Entrepreneurship and director of the Meadows Artist Bridge. The Meadows Artist Bridge, designed by Hart, facilitates Meadows student entrepreneurship and professional work, and connects students with community members looking to hire talent. In addition to managing two minors in arts entrepreneurship and arts management, Hart is a faculty member in the M.M.I.A.M.master’s program and serves as Faculty in Residence of McElvaney Commons at SMU.

Dr. Sandra Duhé
Faculty in Residence – Cockrell-McIntosh Residential Commons

Associate Professor, Director of  Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Chair, Division of Corporate Communication and Public Affairs
Meadows School of the Arts

Serving as a FiR provides me the opportunity to support students from across campus together with my husband and children, who are equally enthused about the chance to live, work, and play alongside students in the most pivotal years of their lives.


Dr. Alice Kendrick
Faculty in Residence – Loyd Residential Commons

Marriott Professor of Advertising
Meadows School of the Arts

The residential commons system at SMU fosters a unique sense of belonging, caring and shared values. This ultimately adds another layer of meaning and memories to students’ campus experience at a critical time in their intellectual and personal development.  I love sharing, whether it’s a cup of tea, a plate of cookies, an idea, a passion, a game of Scrabble or Frisbee, a good laugh, a home-cooked meal, sharing clothing or food with those in need, or just a smile.  As a professor of advertising, I also hope I can share with students the importance of fostering and nurturing their own personal brand. 


Dr. Mark Kerins
Faculty in Residence – Morrison-McGinnis Residential Commons

Associate Professor, Division of Film & Media Arts
Meadows School of the Arts

To me the FiR program seems like a logical extension of what I already strive to do as a teacher: work with students, help them to grow as students and as people, and spread my own enthusiasm for learning. I originally went to grad school and sought a career in academia because I loved teaching, working with, talking to, and basically just interacting with college students; though experience as a professor has often led me to change the ways I structure my classes, the assignments I give, the ways I engage with my students, and so on, it hasn't changed the underlying drive behind these things: a passion for working with students.


Dr. Rita Kirk
Faculty in Residence – Armstrong Residential Commons

William F. May Endowed Director, Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility
Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Corporate Communication & Public Affairs

Meadows School of the Arts

Another reason I want to become a FiR is that it would be fun for me personally. Already, I travel with students a great deal. As Director of the SMU-in-London program I am familiar with the need to give college-aged students the responsibility to handle themselves with distinction and know that they expect us to hold them to the standards we set. My London philosophy is that the busy student is the trouble-free student. I think that applies to on-campus living as well.


Dr. Liljana Elverskog 
Faculty in Residence – Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles Residential Commons

Senior Lecturer, Arabic Area Chair - Department of World Languages & Literatures
Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences 

Being a Faculty-in-Residence gives me a great opportunity to open my home to students so we can build unique relationships and create a vibrant social and intellectual community outside of the classroom. My best interactions and teachable moments came from spending time with students in informal settings. Having lived on three continents, both my husband and I learned to appreciate different cultures and foods from around the world, which I am looking forward to sharing with our students.


Keith Robinson
Faculty in Residence – Kathy Crow Residential Commons

Associate Professor of Law
Co-Director for the Tsai Center for Law, Science and Innovation
Dedman School of Law

My family and I are excited about meeting our residents, having conversations and sharing our experiences.  My wife and I met in college. During the time we have known each other, we have learned that life is best lived when exposing yourself to new ideas and experiences.  Embrace the unfamiliar. We hope to encourage our residents to do the same.


Dr. David Son
Faculty in Residence – Boaz Residential Commons

Professor, Department of Chemistry
Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Chemistry
Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences 

Another very important asset I would bring as a FiR is my wife, Heidi. Heidi is very excited about the potential opportunities for student interactions. In my past leadership experiences, she has effectively acted as my "co-leader" hosting various gatherings in our home and organizing fun activities. For my smaller classes at SMU, she likes to bake treats for the students on exam days to ease the pain of the experience! As part of the FiR experience, she would continue these activities, opening our home on a regular basis for treats and fellowship, and hosting small group of students for meals.


Dr. Andy Graybill
Faculty in Residence – Ware Residential Commons

Director, Clements Center for Southwest Studies and Professor of History
Meadows School of the Arts

Andrew Graybill was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and attended college and graduate school on the East Coast. After nearly a decade teaching at the University of Nebraska, he moved with his family to Dallas in 2011 to become the Director of the William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies and a professor of history at SMU. His academic work focuses on the nineteenth-century North American West, and he is the author or editor of four books. He also writes regularly for Texas Monthly Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, among other venues. He spends much of his free time with his wife and kids--Fiona (b. 2003) and Gavin (b. 2008)--and as a family they love to travel, especially to Michigan, New Mexico, and Guatemala.


"Students and faculty learn from one another — the grace of the dancer, the inventiveness of the engineer, the determination of the athlete, the language skills of the orator, the expressiveness of the poet. I want to be a part of that."

Rita Kirk, Faculty-in-Residence
Director of the Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility
Professor of Communication Studies
Meadows School of the Arts