SMU Research

Technology Management

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) is the University office charged with management of SMU’s intellectual property (IP). ORGS collaborates with General Counsel at SMU and retains outside counsel to assess, protect, and commercialize intellectual property.

Assessment Process

Faculty, Staff, and students who create a patentable IP should submit an Invention Disclosure Form to After disclosure, an invention review and market assessment is provided by the ORGS.

Protect & Transfer IP

If the concept, data, or technology is deemed commercially viable and of interest to the University, the University will file a patent application. ORGS manages IP through:

  • Assessment
  • Patent Filing
  • Negotiation of licenses for commercial use
  • Other agreements

Contact Us

Director for Contracts and Technology Management
Kimberly Jones-Ross
(214) 768-4841
Contract Management Specialist
Shanteria Cobb
(214) 768-4700