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Human Subjects Research at SMU

The protection of human subjects is based on 45 CFR 46 Protection of Human Subjects and the Belmont Report, and was inspired by the Nuremburg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki, and "Ethics and Clinical Research" in the New England Journal of Medicine. The three basic founding principles for conducting human subjects research are Respect for Persons, Beneficience, and Justice.

Role of the IRB

The main role of the IRB is to ensure that the rights and welfare of research participants are protected. This is done through the approval of all human subjects research and continued monitoring of previously approved studies. IRB approval is required to conduct research on human subjects. Any research completed without IRB approval may not be used in public presentations or publications, which can include journals, books, websites, blogs, and other communications. In addition, researchers engaging in human subject research must complete the required training prior to receiving final IRB approval.  Click on the links to the right to learn more about protection of human subjects and the IRB process.

Composition of the IRB

SMU's IRB is comprised of at least 5 members with varying backgrounds. This includes members from scientific and non-scientific disciplines, a member from outside the SMU community, and representation from several different SMU colleges. Special consultants are consulted as needed.

IRB Personnel

Tom Mayo Shannon Lunt Heather McClary

Laura Hamilton

IRB Chair
Tom Mayo, Faculty
IRB Institutional Official
Shannon Lunt, Staff
Director of Research Compliance
Heather McClary, Staff
Research Compliance Coordinator
Laura Hamilton, Staff

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We offer guidance for planning your research project. To discuss your specific research plans, please call or email the Compliance Coordinator (8-4204) or Schedule an Appointment Online