SMU Research

SMU Research

Submission Process for IACUC

For questions regarding new protocols, research compliance, and regulations, please contact the Compliance Coordinator (8-4204).


Application Form

Please submit the IACUC application to

Submission Review

New proposals, continuing reviews, minor and major amendments are discussed at regularly scheduled monthly meetings. IACUC forms may be found here.

Evaluation of Submission

The IACUC uses the following criteria to review the submission:

  • The species should be appropriate for our facility, and be consistent with the needs of the experiment and experience of the investigator.
  • The procedures will avoid or minimize discomfort, distress and pain to animals.
  • The investigator is qualified to conduct the experiment or has plans for adequate training to ensure safety of personnel and welfare of the animal subjects.
  • The number of animals used can be justified and is appropriate for the experiment.

IACUC Review Meetings

The IACUC meets on the second Wednesday of every month. For more information, please see the meeting schedule. New protocol applications should be submitted four (4) calendar weeks prior to a regularly scheduled meeting date. Continuing reviews and amendments should be submitted two (2) calendar weeks prior to a regularly scheduled meeting date.

Submission Outcomes

The researcher will receive an IACUC outcome letter following submission review. Researchers are not allowed to begin their research nor order animals without an IACUC approval letter.