SMU Research

SMU Research

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

SMU’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Commmittee (IACUC) provides oversight for all animal research conducted by any faculty, staff, and student at SMU or affiliated/collaborative institutions. The oversight is based on guidelines set forth by the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and regulations established through the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare. Research personnel working in or accessing SMU research laboratories must participate in the Occupational Health and Safety Program.

For researchers interested in submitting a protocol, please see the IACUC Submission Process. The IACUC reviews submissions at monthly meetings.

Scott Davis Shannon Lunt Heather McClary Laura Hamilton
Prof. Scott Davis, Faculty
IACUC Institutional Official
Shannon Lunt, Staff
Director of Research Compliance
Heather McClary, Staff
Research Compliance Coord.
Laura Hamilton, Staff

We offer guidance for planning your research project. To discuss your specific research plans, please call or email the Compliance Coordinator (8-4204) or Schedule an Appointment Online