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Assistant Vice President for Research

Shannon LuntAssistant Vice President of Research, Shannon Lunt serves as the chief research compliance officer for SMU, including oversight for all human and animal research, as well as biosafety, Export Control compliance, and financial conflict of interest, and provides leadership for the Research side of the Office of Research (OR). OR is SMU’s central office for the submission and receipt of all research grant proposals and awards, and is the first point of contact for research faculty and staff involved in research contract negotiations and technology management-related activities. Shannon's background is in biomedical research, where she spent 15 years at the laboratory bench at the University of Michigan Medical School and Texas A&M University, then moved into compliance work at Baylor’s Institute for Immunology Research.  Starting as a technician in an animal science laboratory, Shannon understands the complexities associated with all sides of a research project, and has used this understanding to help establish a foundation for increasing SMU’s research involvement.