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Travel Grants


The amount of the award will be based on the following:

  1. The significance of the travel
  2. Transportation and associated costs

This award will normally provide only a portion of the total travel expenses. Evidence of partial support from other sources is highly desirable.


Travel grants support participation in conferences in locations outside the continental United States if the individual is to make a presentation significant to his/her professional growth. Travel that is part of a research project, either domestic or foreign, and travel expenses that are part of a research leave should be submitted under the Research Grant category.

Only one proposal may be submitted per proposal cycle and a faculty member is limited to one travel or research grant per year.  Endowed chairholders and administrators with access to other funds are not eligible for these awards. Grants are available only to tenured and tenure-track faculty and research active faculty emeriti. 

Documented evidence of prospective participation is required. The impact of the conference/meeting will be taken into account as part of the decision process as will the nature of the presentation (Keynote address (High priority) – Poster presentation (Low priority)). Salary is disallowed. In your proposal, please articulate the significance of your presentation to committee members outside of your field of study.

The URC will look at the applicant's restricted accounts to assess the applicant’s ability to help support the proposed travel.  Please justify the amount of your contribution or match in your proposal.


Spring - April 15, 2021 at 5:00pm

Fall - November 15, 2021 at 5:00pm

Notification of Action

Spring - April 30, 2021 (for April 15 submissions)

Fall - December 21, 2021 (for November 15 submissions)


How to Apply

Proposals are required. Requests with insufficient information will be rejected.

The URC Grant application is now in the form of a DocuSign. The process and the form remain the same. Once completed you will receive a documented signed copy for your records.  Please submit all supporting documents as a single PDF file through the DocuSign application, including a brief proposal (see format below) and a short curriculum vitae. The entire application should not exceed ten pages including appendices, if any. If you need assistance combining your documents into a single PDF, please contact the Help Desk (8-HELP) 84357.

Apply for a Grant Here

 The applicant should arrange for a confidential letter of support to be written by the Department Chair or the Dean and email to, April 15 by 5:00pm (Spring submissions) or November 16 by 5:00pm (Fall submissions), addressed to Dean James E. Quick.

Proposal Text Format (The proposal should be one page or less within the PDF application.)
  • A detailed budget
  • Significance and relevance of the faculty member’s research program
  • Nature of presentation (invited, contributed, panel, etc., with supporting documents such as letters of invitation.)
  • Benefit to the University
  • The impact of prior URC funding on your research program (i.e. outcomes, resulting proposals, publications, and progress).
  • Efforts made (or to be made) to secure funds from other sources

Post-Award Reporting Requirements

If URC funds were received after December 1, 2015, a report summarizing how the funds were spent and what products were produced must be reported online (as detailed in the original award letter). Access to future URC proposal cycles will require the submission of reports for all URC grants received after December 1, 2015. Submissions by email or hardcopy will not be accepted. Submit a Report

URC Application (for Research and Travel Grants). - *open*