General Education

Assessment Exemptions

UC Assessment Exemptions for Spring 2014: 

Exemption 1. UC COURSES WITH NO UC STUDENTS ENROLLED. If your UC class has no UC students (Fall 2012 forward) enrolled you do not need to assess. Your course will not appear on the list of courses to be assessed. That list is sent to all associate deans. You may also call the office of Assessment and Accreditation to check whether your course requires assessment.

Exemption 2. SMU ABROAD GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT EXPERIENCES. SMU Abroad Courses taught by SMU faculty abroad are assessed for all components EXCEPT the Global Engagement Experience. Assessment on the Global Engagement Experience ONLY takes place via an exit essay administered by the SMU Abroad Office and reviewed by the SMU Abroad Council.

Exemption 3. FIRST LEVEL DISCERNMENT AND DISCOURSE COURSES. For the Discernment and Discourse Competency we are assessing in the final class the student takes in the series.

DISC 1313 or 2306 courses are assessed. DISC 1311 & 1312 ARE NOT assessed.

Exemption 4. FIRST LEVELS OF THE SECOND LANGUAGE COMPONENT. Like the D&D courses, we assess in the terminal semester of the UC component. The following Language Courses are assessed in the semester they are taught. Language classes not listed here ARE NOT assessed.

ARBC 2301
ARBC 2302

GERM 1402
GERM 2311
GERM 2312

LATN 1402
LATN 2311
LATN 2312

CHIN 1402
CHIN 2401
CHIN 2402

ITAL 1402
ITAL 2401
ITAL 2402

RUSS 1402
RUSS 2341
RUSS 2351

FREN 1402
FREN 2401
FREN 2455

JAPN 1402
JAPN 2401
JAPN 2402

SPAN 1402
SPAN 2401
SPAN 2302