Survey Advisory Committee

The Survey Advisory Committee was formed to help address issues of survey quality, quantity, and scheduling. The committee meets 1-2 times annually to review schedules, content, purpose, audience, etc. It is the goal that this collaboration will ensure surveys do not overlap, do not cannibalize audiences and affect response rates, and provide expertise where needed.

Committee Members

Lauren Adee Athletics
Patricia Alvey Provost Office
Rene Archambault Guildhall
Jasmine Carter Development and External Affairs
Adam Cebulski Student Affairs
Crystal Clayton Student Affairs
Edward Collins Provost Office
Jennifer Culver Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Lynn Dempsey Dedman School of Law
Karen Drennan Meadows School of Art
Colleen Dunkel Cox School of Business
Stephen Forrest Provost Office
Denise Gauthier Access & Equity
Duane Harbin Perkins School of Thelogy
Timmie Hathorn Meadows School of Art
Kathy Hubbard Lyle School of Engineering
Allison Kanny Student Affairs
Felicia Kuo Lyle School of Engineering
Shannon Lunt Research Integrity and Operations
Margaret Mahoney Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Stevie Otto Graduate Studies
Linda Parker Lyle School of Engineering
Abbi Pfister Undergraduate Admission
Adam Radford Guildhall
Vinaykumar Ramachandra Provost Office
Neil Robinson Development and External Affairs
Timothy Rosendale Academic Senate/ English Dept.
Karen Sargent Dedman School of Law
Mary Stall Human Resources
Jie Sun Dedman College
Zoltan Szentkiralyi Library
Mary Tays Business & Finance
Lisa Tran Cox School of Business
Michael Tumeo Provost Office
Jason Warner Office Information and Technology