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Step 2: Assess

Step 2: Prepare, Set Goals, Assess & Save


PREPARE to use the UC Component Rubric to assess an assignment, exam, quiz or project that directly addresses one or more of the SLO(s) attached to your UC course. Each faculty member chooses which assignment or exam to use for course level assessment. Common rubrics have been designed for each of the University Curriculum (UC) Competencies, but can be modified by faculty to fit individual assignments or exam questions. The only constants are the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) and the five-point scale: absent, beginning, developing, accomplished, exemplary.

SET GOALS of learning achievement for your students. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a distributed level of achievement across the five levels of the SMU Common Scale: Absent, Beginning, Developing, Accomplished, Exemplary. Depending on the course level and purpose, it may be reasonable to expect the majority of the students to perform at the Developing level. Upper division and honors courses will certainly skew higher. Before you assess, think about the SLO’s and set your goals.

ASSESS the work of each student in the class using the common rubric for the UC component delivered in your class. Each student should receive a separate score for each SLO. Students will often perform differently on each SLO and scores should reflect as much. IF you use different assignments, exams, quizzes or projects to assess each SLO, please include an example of each different assignment, exam, quiz or project and one (1) example of student work (at the highest achievement level) for each different assignment, quiz, exam or project used.

SAVE YOUR DIGITAL FILES using the following file naming conventions: The first part comes from the course info, the second from UC component attached to your course, and the third identifies the form or sample submitted. It’s critical that we’re able to identify the course, the section, the UC component being assessed, and the type of document submitted.

  • PSYC_1300_002_CA1_Report.docx

  • PSYC_1300_002_CA1_Roster.xlsx
    (This MUST be an excel file to work properly. Do not print, scan, or handwrite.)

  • PSYC_1300_002_CA1_Assignment Exam.SLO1.docx

  • PSYC_1300_002_CA1_Student Example.SLO1.docx
    (IF you scan assignments/exams/projects/quizzes/examples, please save them as .pdf files.)