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August 2013 Agenda

Dear members of the Assessment & Accreditation Committee,

Some of you have been busy working on assessment activities for both the University Curriculum and for Academic and Non-Academic Programs. And, some of you have been blissfully unassigned as yet. Not to worry, we won't leave you out.

Once again, because of the size of the group, we're not polling for best schedule. Soon we'll break into sub-committee assignments and those will be easier to schedule.

Assessment & Accreditation Committee
Friday, September 20
1:00 – 3:00pm
Maguire 251
Please rsvp REGRETS ONLY to:

We'll divide the meeting into two parts:
Discussion of 5th year review compliance areas Sub-committee assignments and calendars

Training for new and old WEAVE administrators
Updated Committee Roster Attached. New members in Red.