Tutor Schedule

ALEC Tutoring is available:

Tutoring will start January 21st, 2020 with limited hours and limited availability.

Hours: 6-9pm

Please call for availability


Regular Schedule

  Monday - Thursday 2-10PM,

Sunday 5-10PM, and

Limited tutoring Friday 1-5PM (Primarily CS Tutoring)


  CS Review Sessions TBA

SI Sessions

MATH 1337-8: MW 5-7pm, Caruth Hall 253

  CHEM 1303: WTh 5-7pm, Caruth Hall 253

  CEE/ME 2310: M 6-8pm W 2-4pm, Caruth Hall 253

  PHYS 1303: S 4-6pm W 7-8pm Th 7-8pm, Caruth Hall 253


Math Department Review Sessions:

Clements Hall 225 - Free TA Help Sessions

MATH 1304/1309/1337/1338/1340/3000+

M-Th 4.30-6.30 


Tutoring Schedule Fall '19 Term: