SMU has three scholarships that are designated specifically for disabled populations.

1. Ryan Siddique scholarship, for students with epilepsy

2. Peggy R. and Constance Harrison scholarship for students with disabilities who demonstrate financial need, with preference given to those with speech, language, or hearing problems

3. James A. Sutton scholarship for students with disabilities, with priority given to those with a physical limitation.

We encourage ALL to apply for scholarship #2 or #3 at this time. To do so, submit a 1 page essay to dass@smu.edu on why you are deserving of either of these scholarships (Sutton or Harrison), and if you have financial need, please explain. Deadline to submit essay is Nov. 30, 2019. Use subject heading “DASS scholarship essay”. If you want to be considered for the Siddique scholarship, the application process happens in mid-spring. All scholarships are open to undergraduate and graduate students and you must be in good standing with the university.