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Resources and Campus Accessibility

For Faculty

Faculty members have an important role in assisting and supporting the SMU student with disabilities.

We share the ultimate goal of educating our students, and jointly creating a learning environment that encourages and challenges students with disabilities. An important role of DASS is to provide support in learning and self-advocacy to the student and partnering with faculty to achieve these goals. To keep updated on DASS current procedures and policies, please check back to this site each semester for updated information.

Remember to always update your syllabus with the most current disability statement sent out by the Provost's office at the beginning of each semester.

The section on test proctoring outlines DASS testing policies for students and faculty.

There is an FAQ section to answer faculty concerns, most created from real faculty questions.

Lastly, the faculty newsletter,“The DASS Insider," is published twice a semester to keep faculty updated and informed about DASS and how to effectively work with students with disabilities.

We look forward to working with you this semester; don't hesitate to call on us for assistance.