Resources and Campus Accessibility

Resources and Campus Accessibility

Resources for Students, their Families, and SMU Faculty and Staff

Southern Methodist University is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible campus for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. DASS is the primary resource for SMU students, and as such we work closely with parents and families as well as SMU faculty and staff. Plus, there are many places to find help and support off-campus, in addition to those on-campus:

For quick reference, DASS has compiled useful, general information into information sheets:

  • For general information (prevelance, symptoms, strengths, etc) about learning disabilities and ADHD please look at our information sheets: Learning Disability and ADHD. In addition to general information, we have created a document discussing and dispelling several myths about these disabilities.
  • In order for students to have equal access to their education, there are responsibilities of the University, the DASS office, the student, and the faculty member and corresponding department or school. Here you'll find a a non-exhaustive list of some roles and responsibilities of each entity.

Accessibility: Campus, Campus Events, the SMU Website

  • SMU Accessibility Maps show the locations of accessible parking, unisex bathrooms, and lactation/changing stations.
  • SMU Central University Libraries (CUL) provide services for persons with disabilities. 
  • University departments are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations for guests attending their events. The Office of Institutional Access and Equity (IAE) is available to provide guidance and assistance to departments as needed. 
  • SMU has introduced the Web Accessibility Initiative to make the SMU website accessible to all. A university-wide Web Accessibility Policy is now in place "to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and enhance the University's mission." Dedman College has added web accessibility resources to its Faculty Resource page. To make requests for website changes based on accessibility, email The initiative is in progress and we look forward to bringing you more information and resources as they come available.

The President’s Commission on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities (PCNPD)

To address the needs of our entire campus community, including faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities, SMU established The President’s Commission on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities (PCNPD). Members of the commission meet regularly and make annual recommendations to the University President.