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Instructions for Students

Renewing Your Accommodations Each Semester

Formerly known as, "Requesting your Letters"

When you enroll in new classes each semester, you must request new accommodation letters. On DASS Link, this is called a Semester Request. You can make this request on DASS Link 2 weeks before classes begin.


  1. Log in to DASS Link using your SMU student ID and password, just as you would log in to my.SMU:


  2. From the menu on the left your Home page, select Accommodation, and from the dropdown menu click Semester Request.


  3. On the new page, you'll see the “Semester” dropdown menu and below it, 2 blue buttons -- "Apply Search" and "Add New." Click Add New.


  4. Now you'll see your accommodations and a dropdown menu to select the semester for which you’re renewing your accommodations. When you select the semester, you’ll see your course schedule.


  5. Always select Review the Renewal to individualize your accommodations for each class.
    • On the new page, you’ll see a list of your accommodations in gray boxes with your courses noted under each. If an accommodation is unnecessary in a course (e.g., “Use of a Calculator” in an Art History class), you can opt not to include it for that course – just uncheck the box to the left of that particular course.
    • If you would like to remove an accommodation for all courses (e.g. a non-academic accommodation like housing/dining) then click the Remove Accommodation button, as this will inactivate that accommodation for this semester. Selecting Remove Accommodation does not delete your approved accommodation; it only takes it off the accommodation letter for this semester. Complete this process for each class and each accommodation listed.


  6. Confirm that your request is accurate, then click Submit at the bottom of the page.


  7. Once a DASS staff member has reviewed your requested accommodations, you and your professors will receive an email notice that a copy of your Letter of Accommodation, which lists your approved academic accommodations for the semester, is available to view in DASS Link. 


  8. Once you’ve received your letter and reviewed it, please mark it as “Signed.” Do this by selecting Accommodation>>Accommodation Letters. Select the current semester’s letter. It will be designated with the term “Requested” in bold. Click on the letter, scroll to the bottom and electronically sign the letter.  It will now reflect as “Signed.”


  9. Once your letter(s) have been sent, you must still meet with instructor(s) to discuss your accommodations and decide how they will be implemented in each class. Failure to communicate with your instructor(s) about your accommodations leads to confusion and will most likely delay the implementation of your accommodations. Bring a copy of your course schedule to more easily plan out test-taking accommodations.