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Instructions for Students

Scheduling Exams Proctored by DASS

Students can schedule tests to be proctored by DASS in the A-LEC. Review our policies and procedures about accommodated testing.

  1. Go to the DASS Link log-in page ( and enter your SMU student ID and password just like when you log in to my.SMU.
  2. Select Test Proctoring from the menu on the left. 
    • NOTE: If Test Proctoring isn't listed in the menu, then you haven't activated testing accommodations in any of your classes. You must request your Accommodation Letters be sent to your instructor(s) before you can schedule a test with DASS.
  3. On the Alternative Testing Rooms page, click the New Booking Request button.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the course that the test is in. 
  5. Enter the date of the test in Date Range, and the time of the test in Time Range.
  6. Indicate if the test is a Final Exam. If so:
    • please read the current finals instructions sheet- Final Exams at DASS: Instructions for Faculty and Students;
    • when you click yes to indicate that the test is a Final Exam, a list of final exam testing rooms and times will drop down for you to select.
    • ***For Fall 2019, DASS link will be open to schedule finals from Wednesday, April 1, through Wednesday, April 24.***
  7. From the Building dropdown menu, select Loyd All-Sports Center
  8. From the Room(s) menu, select the appropriate testing room. Note, you may need to scroll down to see all of the options.
  9. If testing room seats are available at that time and date, they will appear on the right side of the page. Select one. Note that tests must be booked at least 7 days in advance so you will only see options for 7 days in the future and beyond.
  10. A window will open where you will enter a few more details.
    • Name the test under Name of Test. For example, CHEM 1303-03 exam 3.
    • Add special instructions or considerations to Notes.
    • If you have one of the listed Time-intensive Testing Accommodations AND you plan to use it/them on this test, check the box(es).
  11. Review the request and click Submit.


  • If you decide you no longer need to take a test at DASS, please cancel the reservation in DASS Link. HOWEVER, If your professor moves your test date (with less than 7 days notice) do NOT cancel your reservation at DASS. Contact us directly to discuss the best next steps.


  • When booking a test at DASS, be sure to select the correct course (Essentials of Biology vs. Essentials of Biology-LAB).