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Instructions for Students

Making Appointments

1. Log in to DASS Link with your SMU student ID and password just like you log in to my.SMU:

2. Select Appointment from the menu on the left side of your homepage, then on the "Advising Appointment" page, click Request New Appointment.

3. When the page refreshes, select:
  • the type of appointment you need (intake, academic coaching appointment, consultation, or informational session)
  • the length of the appointment, if applicable (30 minutes or 1 hour)
  • a date and time range that work with your schedule.
  • the location of the appointment (Main Campus A-LEC)
  • the appropriate DASS staff member
  • the days of the week that work in your selected timeframe

4. Available times will appear on the right. Select the one that’s best for you, and Submit the request. 

5. Note that at this point, this is just a request. The appointment is finalized only when you receive a confirmation from the DASS staff member with whom you plan to meet.