Close Project

In accordance with SMU Policy 10.11, closeout of Sponsored Projects will be in accordance with federal, state, and local government regulations, specific Sponsor policies and requirements, the terms of the Award, and within the time frame required by the Sponsor.  For more information about the project closeout process, refer to the Research Handbook.


It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) / Project Director (PD) to ensure that all required technical reports are submitted to the funding agency as instructed by the award document.


The Final Financial Reports and Final Invoices for closeout will be prepared by Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA).  Please make sure that all of your project expenses are charged to the appropriate project and not departmental account. For more information, contact David Ewing in Grant & Contract Accounting.

Final Patent / Invention Reports

Patent or Invention Reports may be required at project closeout. For information about disclosing inventions, copyrights, or intellectual property, please contact Technology Management.

Property Reports

Property Reports are completed by the Grant Management Specialist in collaboration with Troy Williams in the SMU Office of Budget and Finance.