Registration FAQs

For information on when to register for classes or who to add, drop, or swap a class, please refer to the my.SMU FAQs.
If the class is open, check the enrollment restrictions for the course by opening up the Class Detail and looking under Enrollment Restrictions. If you meet the criteria and still can’t enroll, email your advisor.

If the class is waitlisted, you may add yourself to the waitlist or find another class to take in its place. Keep in mind that adding yourself to a waitlist will count towards your 18 maximum term hours.

If the class is closed, you may keep watching the course to see if a spot opens up or you may find another class to take in its place.
There are a couple ways to do this. If you go to your Class Schedule in my.SMU, under each course is a box titled Units. The number below (usually 3.00) is how many credit hours the course is worth. Another way is to look at the course number. The second number from the left is how many credits the course is worth. For example, DISC 1312 is worth 3 credit hours.
For fall and spring semesters, you need to take at least 12 hours. For summer sessions, you need at least 6 hours (or 12 hours for the full summer term).

If you are receiving a scholarship, financial aid, are on a visa, are a student athlete, or plan to go through Greek recruitment, please check with one of the following offices to confirm the full-time status policy and how it may apply to you: Financial Aid, International Student & Scholar Services, Athletic Compliance Office, or Fraternity and Sorority Life.
When you’re searching for a class on my.SMU, click on the hyperlink for the class section you’re interested in taking. Towards the bottom you will find a description of the course along with any prerequisites.