Other FAQs

PRW stands for Personal Responsibility and Wellness. It is one of the UC requirements and consists of two components: PRW 1101 and PRW 2. PRW 1101 is taken during your first year at SMU and explores the issues of personal responsibility, challenges and opportunities, SMU resources, and personal finance. PRW 2 is a physical fitness course with a variety of fitness activities offered. These two courses do not need to be taken sequentially.
Sometimes. Once you become a student at SMU, you can’t transfer any credit from a community college back to SMU. You may be able to take classes at your local, accredited, four-year institution. Once you’ve identified a course you wish to take, get a syllabus and work with your Academic Advisor on a petition to request approval to take the course.
Please note that Cox does not accept any transfer credit for the subset or major classes after you become a student at SMU.
You need to complete at least 122 credit hours which will include the requirements for your major and UC.
Not all classes are posted on Canvas. If your course is supposed to be on Canvas, it’s most likely not there because you’ve recently added the course to your schedule. To gain access to your course faster, you may contact your instructor or OIT for assistance.
SMU classifies students according to the number of credit hours they've earned:
First Year: 0-29 credit hours earned
Sophomore: 30-59 credit hours earned
Junior: 60-89 credit hours earned
Senior: 90 or more credit hours earned