Working with LEC Tutors

Who works with tutors:

Everybody! That is, if you're an SMU undergraduate, especially in a first- or second-year course. (We are not able to work with graduate students or with students from other schools.) We work with strong students who want support that will allow them to make more ambitious choices—and more A's!—as well as students who are taking on material in an area they find really challenging.

Why students work with tutors:

to discuss ideas and clarify concepts
to review notes and readings
to check and confirm their understanding before a test or quiz
to get assistance on homework questions—how to do them, but also how to understand what they're doing
to make sure they're keeping up with the class

What to bring to your tutoring session:

past quizzes and tests
class syllabus
puzzling workbook problems
a willingness to learn

how to have a more successful tutoring session:

Work with the material yourself before your tutoring session. Clarify for yourself what you do understand. See how clearly you can express what it is you don't understand!

Get to know your instructors. Know their names! Ask questions in class. Ask for clarification when needed. Visit office hours and attend scheduled review sessions. Consult your syllabus frequently. A-LEC tutoring should not substitute for, or get in the way of, your frequent contact with your professors!

Go to class.
Go to class.
Go to class.
Find partners or form a study group.

Don't expect tutors to do your work for you—tutors are here to help you learn to do your own work. You must still proofread your own papers and debug your own programs. (If we do it for you, it's an honor violation!)

Don't wait until the day before a test to get help! Instead, make it a personal goal to learn to prepare ahead of time. Talk with an A-LEC staff member about setting up a time management plan and study schedule.