Academic Success and Personal Development (HDEV 1110)

SMU students can develop advanced strategies for reading and studying in HDEV 1110-Academic Success and Personal Development. 

HDEV 1110 is a graded course designed to help students improve reading efficiency, executive functioning and lifelong learning skills.

Lengthy, challenging textbook assignments demand strong critical reading skills; cumulative exams require organized, thorough study methods. The better your reading and study skills, the more effective and efficient your efforts. As you become more effective as a learner, you will find your whole college experience becoming more satisfying and more successful.

You know who you are...

  • You're the high-school valedictorian who never had to study 

  • You're the first-chair violinist who struggled in calculus 

  • You want to keep your 3.5 GPA 

  • You're the first person in your family to go to college 

  • You know that your current GPA is not a true reflection of your academic strength 

  • You're struggling with the business subset 

  • You're a SMU student who wants to succeed! 

We have what you need....

  • An approach to studying that builds on your individual learning styles and strengths 

  • Time management skills that will help you to reach your academic goals and still have time for everything else 

  • Strategies for reading efficiently with deeper comprehension 

  • Techniques for improving concentration and memory 

  • A system for taking and using class notes 

  • Test preparation procedures and test taking strategies to help you learn, recall, and apply what you've learned 

  • Methods for organizing your desk, your notebook, your planner... your life! 

Specialized Sections

In addition to the general sections, there are three specialized sections of HDEV 1110 for pre-health students, transfer students and students with learning differences.  All of the specialized sections include the college-level learning strategies common to all HDEV 1110 courses with additional strategies based on the section. 

The pre-health section focuses on the special demands of the challenging science courses that begin the pre-health curriculum.  Students will hear from guest speakers including the Director of Pre-health Advising, successful junior and senior pre-health students and possibly a visit from a practicing physician. 

The transfer section allows transfer students to meet together in a class to build a community of learners. Students engage in assignments that allow them to work together and gain knowledge about campus resources. 

The section for students with learning differences is taught by the learning specialist who coaches students within our Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies team.  The course focuses on making the learning strategies taught in HDEV 1110 seamlessly work with each student’s learning needs. 

Fall and spring classes meet two times weekly for the first twelve weeks of the term. Choose from morning or afternoon, MW or TTh, or choose an online section.

For more information about Academic Success and Personal Development, take a look at a current syllabus.

Enroll during registration (see "HDEV" in the schedule of classes). For more information about Academic Success and Personal Development, call 214-768-3543.