Prospective Students

SAAS serves as Academic Counselors to student-athletes in specific National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sports. We monitor academic performance of SMU’s student-athletes through reoccurring meetings, study hall attendance, use of tutors, and progress reports from faculty. We collaborate with college academic advisors, faculty, and college administrators regarding student-athletes’ course scheduling and other appropriate academic issues/concerns.


Reoccurring Meetings

All incoming student-athletes will meet regularly with their Academic Counselor. In the meetings we will discuss recent grades, upcoming assignments, study tips, travel preparation, etc.

Travel Letters

Travel Letters are provided to each student-athletes to give to their Professors at the start of each semester. Students are given Travel Letters in their respective sport’s season when they travel for competitions. Additionally, Travel Letters open the door for dialogue and relationship between student-athlete and professor to create a plan when missing class and assignments.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are sent out periodically to faculty members. Progress Reports provide valuable information to the student’s learning and allows for changes in studying habits or classroom behavior during the semester.

Study Hall

Study Hall is provided for student-athletes to develop strong studying techniques and reinforce good habits learned in high school. Study Hall requirements vary team by team.


The LEC provides over one hundred tutors in first-and-second year courses. SAAS partners with the LEC to provide tutoring appointments for our student-athletes. Tutoring can be one-on-one or with a small group.



The LEC facilitates over 40 workshops each Fall and Spring semester, including Time Management, Test Preparation and Memory Techniques.