Success Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD

The DASS staff provides academic assistance for SMU undergraduates with documented learning disabilities or ADHD, in addition to the academic support provided to all SMU undergraduates by the A-LEC. 

Assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Learning Strategies Instruction: using strategies to maximize the value of academic strengths and minimize the impact of academic weaknesses;

  • Coaching: helping students achieve short-term and long-term academic goals;

  • Self-Advocacy/Awareness: facilitating the development of self-esteem and self-confidence through skill building, role playing, and understanding of legal rights;

  • Education: helping students understand their diagnosis and how it impacts their college experience;

  • Transitioning: identifying and addressing differences between high school and college and their impact on students with learning disabilities;

  • Educational Planning: assisting students in choosing courses, class schedules, and majors that consider the impact of the documented disability;

  • HDEV 1110: Academic Success and Personal Development: a course in advanced reading and learning strategies tailored specifically for LD and ADHD students;

  • Tutoring: making the best use of the A-LEC's subject-specific tutoring program;

  • Mentoring: pairing upper-class with first-year students to provide peer support and guidance, facilitated through Students for New Learning.

More Information and Scheduling Appointments:

Current or prospective undergraduates looking for more information can contact us at 214.768.1470 or

To schedule an appointment to discuss success strategies or other resources, or support, please use DASS Link. Instructions for making appointments on DASS Link are located on the DASS Link portion of our website.