Test Proctoring

Testing with faculty vs. Testing at DASS

Ideally, students with testing accommodations schedule their tests to be proctored by their professor. This gives the student an experience similar to other students taking the test in the classroom, especially since they can ask the professor clarifying questions. DASS acts as a BACK-UP to faculty members when they do not have the resources to provide a student's testing accommodations. Instructors are strongly encouraged to make efforts to proctor students within their departments as often as possible.

Students meet with instructors to discuss testing arrangements

We expect students to meet with each of their instructors to discuss their testing accommodations well before the date of the test. We suggest they bring a copy of their current class schedule to this meeting so that the instructor and the student can more easily determine the best course of action. If faculty members determines that they, their TAs, or another departmental representative are not able to provide the testing accommodations, then the student should be referred to schedule the test at DASS. 


Students schedule their tests at DASS using our online interface, DASS Link. This system generates an email alerting the instructor to the request and instructing them to log on to DASS Link to approve or deny the testing request. Instructors will also use DASS Link to communicate special instructions for DASS proctors and to upload electronic copies of the exam. For details, please see the DASS Link student instructions and DASS Link faculty instructions. For more details about DASS Link and final exams, read below.

Policies and deadlines

Although DASS Link streamlines the test scheduling process, DASS staff members must complete several additional steps in order to correctly and effectively administer the test, including scheduling proctors, determining testing locations, and printing tests. This takes time. Students and faculty are expected to follow DASS test proctoring policies and be aware of deadlines.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to meet with his/her professor to get permission to take a test at DASS. That agreement should be made well before the test date, but at least 7 days in advance. Students are given explicit instructions and expectations about this process during their intake session with their DASS Coordinator.

Uploading or hand-delivering a copy of the exam to DASS

DASS administrative assistants will schedule proctors and communicate with the professor in order to receive the test to be proctored. We recommend that professors upload a copy of the exam on DASS Link during or shortly after approving the student's testing request.

  • DASS accepts exams on DASS Link up to 2 days before the exam date, after which the exams must be hand-delivered to DASS no later than 24 hours before the exam. The professor will receive two email reminders to upload the exam to DASS Link.


We strive to be as helpful as possible, but since DASS is a back-up to faculty, not a testing center, we have some limitations.

  • At this time, DASS cannot administer computer-based tests. This includes Canvas, ExamSoft or any other online assessment system, and tests requiring a laptop to view slides, or work in Excel, for example.

  • DASS cannot administer exams that require a projector (for example, many ARHS exams).

  • DASS is not expected to provide calculators or other computational devices for use during the test, but we do provide blue books and Scantron forms.

  • DASS hours for testing are Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM, aside from University holidays. We cannot administer exams that begin or end outside of these hours.

Test Return Methods

When the professor completes the Test Room Booking Appointment approval for their student to test at DASS, the professor elects to either:

Final Exams

DASS processes and schedules are different during Final Exams than during the regular semester. 

  • Read the current finals instructions sheet- Final Exams at DASS: Instructions for Faculty and Students

  • Before a final exam is scheduled at DASS, the student must meet and discuss the testing arrangement with their professor. Students should test with their instructor, if possible.

  • Students schedule final exams at DASS using DASS Link. When completing the request, students will have the opportunity to indicate that the test is a final exam, and choose final exam testing rooms and dates.

***For Fall 2021, DASS link will be open to schedule finals from... TBD***

  • Students should schedule final exams as close as possible to the start time of their class final. If a student schedules a final exam that is not on the same day/time as the scheduled final, then DASS must have approval in writing, by email, directly from the instructor. 

  • There is limited seating in each final exam testing room; therefore, it is important for students to arrange and schedule the exam as early as possible.

  • Cox students and grad students might make arrangements within the department. These students should see their professors for guidance. Note that students are not required to take their finals at DASS.

Tests on Canvas

While DASS is unable to provide proctored testing for Canvas tests at this time, we can proctor with a hardcopy version.

For students who simply have extended time, the instructor can set the time in Canvas for 1.5x or 2.0x the standard length. If you need assistance setting the extended time please view OIT's Canvas Help page or contact the OIT Help Desk (help@smu.edu).

For help and more information using Canvas for testing or printing hardcopies of Canvas tests for use at DASS, please visit the OIT Helpdesk to schedule an appointment to receive consultation and/or training.


For questions about test proctoring for DASS students, please call 214.768.1470 or email us at DASS@smu.edu.