Rotunda Scholar Experiences

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An Incredible Network of People

"It was easier to find community. Finding community and making connections was a big concern of mine, but Rotunda was welcoming and provided space to get to know other students might have similar feelings and experiences to mine."


Immense Opportunities

"I like how the staff truly wants the best for you and gives students a great supportive environment to succeed at SMU".


Academic Resources

"Rotunda has given me a lot of academic resources such as tutoring and it's nice that all the Peer Counselors, Nikole, and Matt are always checking in on me. It's a great way to make friends and ease the transition from high school in college. It's been nothing but helpful for my first-year at SMU"

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Community and Family

"I believe that someone coming to SMU should be a part of Rotunda because it serves as a little "family" for you in Dallas, as well, as a great way to meet new friends before you start school. By joining this program you will make relationships with individuals who deeply care about you and want to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be"

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Campus Connections

"This program gave me the opportunity to be a leader and make connections with upperclassmen who gave me great insights to life at SMU. Rotunda has helped me make close friends that I continue to keep in touch with every year of college and it encourages a sense of community that I haven't seen anywhere else on campus"