Tate Lecture Series

Twenty-six years ago, SMU inaugurated the Willis M. Tate Lecture Series. Since then, the Tate Lectures have become one of the premiere public lecture series in the United States. Tickets to it regularly sell out soon after the series lineup is announced.

The Hunt Leadership Scholars Program allows Hunt Scholars special opportunities to attend Tate Lectures.

First, each year, the Tate Series honors the Hunt Leadership Scholars by inviting all the Scholars to a Tate dinner and lecture selected by Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt.  Additionally, prior to the dinner, the Scholars and the Hunts take a group picture with the Tate speaker.

Second, for each Tate lecture each year, twenty tickets are given to the Hunt Scholars. Hunt Scholars sign up for these tickets as described below.

Third, Hunt Scholars serve as ushers for several of the Tate forums, which are question and answer sessions with the speaker, usually on the afternoon of the evening’s lecture