University/Common Curriculum

The Common Curriculum (CC) (for students entering in Fall 2020 and later) is a general education framework that prepares students to be lifelong learners in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. The CC is the 21st-century reboot of the classical university education, challenging students to know the past, understand the present and build on the future. The CC is made of up two general education requirements: Foundations and Breadths. In addition, students will also complete a set of skill-based Graduation Requirements called Proficiencies & Experiences. The Foundations and Breadths require 27-38 credit hours and some requirements can be fulfilled with test and/or transfer credits.

The University Curriculum (UC) (for students entering Spring 2020 and earlier) emphasizes the values of a traditional liberal arts education and is encapsulated in four main components: Foundations, Breadths, Depths, and Proficiencies & Experiences. The number of courses and/or credit hours needed to complete the UC will vary according to your individual academic background, major and curricular choices. The Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) that are assessed in UC-approved courses may be part of your major or minor, in elective courses, or through approved and reflected-upon activities. You may view a list of classes taught at SMU that are approved to fulfill a UC requirement. 

To review more detailed information on the UC/CC and its requirements, please check the SMU Catalog of your year of entry. 

Curious about SMU's Second Language Requirement? The Department of World Languages & Literatures offers detailed information on how you can fulfill this part of the UC/CC.

For planning purposes, you may be interested in beginning your Academic Plan. Begin with the Tracker designed for your year of entry. The CC is for those who started fall 2020 and later, UC 2016 is for those who started during fall 2016 or later, and UC 2012 is for those who started before fall 2016.