Resources for ESL Writers

Most first-year students who do not speak English as their first/primary language take the English as a Second Language (ESL) option for their Writing and Reasoning (WRTR) courses.  WRTR professors are their students' first and most important writing resource, and students should take full advantage of their instructors' office hours and opportunities for individual conferences. 

When students need additional help, Writing Center resources are available.  All Writing Center resources are available to all SMU undergraduate students for help on reading or writing assignment for any class.  Students can use Writing Center resources for other classes (not only WRTR) to get help understanding a writing or reading assignment, revising a draft in progress, or applying teacher's comments to assignments.

For help from an ESL instructor, ESL students may make an appointment with Professor Richard Treat.

For the most effective session, bring your written work, other graded papers, textbook(s), pen/pencil, and questions you want to ask.  While the instructor may address grammatical or mechanical issues in your work, Writing Center hours are not for editing services.  Consider visiting at earlier stages in the writing process (for example, while creating your outline) to avoid crowds just before paper deadlines.