Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of SASP is to help you respond effectively to specific academic challenges, articulate and achieve your educational goals, and successfully complete your undergraduate curriculum. Our specialists will help you build success from the beginning, through both developmental and accelerated programs designed to maximize your learning potential, personal adjustment, and academic performance, integrate study into your life and your goals.

The goals of the staff of Student Academic Success Programs are:

  • to support new students in their transition to the academic culture of the university;
  • to assist students in developing comprehensive, advanced reading and learning techniques and in applying these global skills to specific coursework challenges; 
  • to offer services that encourage students to build confidence in their ability to learn and to overcome the challenges they may confront at SMU; 
  • to offer services that strengthen—and where necessary develop—the foundational skills (mathematical literacy, reading, writing, computer literacy, critical thinking) that are central to every student's continued academic success;
  • to offer services that support students' pursuit of the institution's most challenging programs of study and mastery of their chosen curricula; 
  • to ensure that the Center's administrative practices, operating principles, and staff development activities are designed to further the academic well-being of SMU's undergraduates.

As part of the SMU campus community, SASP staff cares about your growth and well-being.  We pledge to foster faculty/staff-student relationships of trust and collaborate with you in creating a learning experience that upholds values respecting the unique identities and basic human rights carried by all students. You can see an elaboration of these values here: www.smu.edu/values.