Student Resources

There are a number of resources and support services available to help students navigate and fulfill their Common Curriculum Requirements.


Requirement Information

Interactive Common Curriculum Requirement Tracker

This details all of your Common Curriculum requirements and allows you to keep track of what you have and have not fulfilled.

Dual Credit and the Common Curriculum

This explains how Dual Credit fit in the Common Curriculum.

A Guide to the Second Language Requirement

This lays out all options for fulfilling the Second Language Requirement and helps students navigate the requirement.

Writing and Reasoning Requirement

This explains the details of the two-semester Writing and Reasoning requirement.

Common Curriculum Transfer and Test Credit Policies

This explains transfer and test credit policies and gives details about which requirements can be fulfilled using transfer and/or test credit.

SMU Credit by Exam

This lists all exams accepted by SMU for credit and details required scores and course equivalents.



Student Services

Student Academic Success Program (SASP)

This page details all of the resources available to SMU students through the SASP program.  This includes Academic Counseling, the Writing Center, Academic Tutoring, and Study Skills courses.

Disability Accommodations and Success Strategies (DASS)

This page details all the resources available for SMU students through the DASS program.