Course Proposals

Proposing a Course for the Common Curriculum:

Faculty may propose courses for Foundation Requirements, Breadth Requirements, or Proficiency Requirements. There are separate proposal forms for each type of requirement. Please review restrictions and requirement for each CC component below. Please also note that each type of requirement has its own proposal form. All courses proposed must fit the mission and goals of General Education (see below), and must address how they do so.

Faculty proposing courses for Common Curriculum requirements must commit to teaching the course regularly (approximately every two years), to uploading a current syllabus to the SMU syllabus library each semester the course is taught, to administering an assessment assignment through Canvas each semester the course is taught, and to participating in the course portfolio process during the assessment cycle for the course (approximately every two to three years). More information about the course portfolio process is below.

General Education Mission Statement:

The essence of Southern Methodist University’s educational philosophy is that intellectual and professional excellence rises from the solid foundation of a liberal arts education. Most importantly, general education should provide an intellectual foundation consisting of the broad outlines of human knowledge, providing a context for discipline-specific study, and a framework for a future of lifelong learning. In light of these considerations, an ideal general education course is one which builds a broad, context-rich framework in its content area. To the extent possible, it should transcend departmental boundaries, connecting to ideas in related fields, and relevant social and ethical questions.

Common Curriculum Goals:

  • The Common Curriculum will prepare students to be informed, ethical, and engaged citizens.

  • The Common Curriculum will prepare students to think critically across domains.

  • The Common Curriculum will prepare students to communicate clearly in writing and speaking.

  • The Common Curriculum will provide students the scientific, mathematical, and technological competence to navigate a changing world.

  • The Common Curriculum will prepare students to understand, work, and live with people from different races, nationalities, religions, backgrounds, and experiences.


Common Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes-(SLO)

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