Faculty Resources

Faculty are key partners in the delivery of the Common Curriculum. Without the knowledge and expertise of faculty and the willingness of departments to commit faculty time to the support of General Education, the Common Curriculum would not exist.

Please find resources below for faculty for preparing, proposing, and assessing courses for the Common Curriculum.

Council on General Education

Council on General Education

The Council on General Education is the advisory body for general education at SMU. The Council has jurisdiction over both the General Education Requirements and the Graduation Requirements of the Common Curriculum. The Council is made up of faculty members from across the university. All colleges and schools have representation on the Council. In addition, there are two student representatives, and a number of ex-officio members, who represent offices across the university. 

Course Proposals

One of the primary responsibilities of the Council on General Education is the vetting and approval of courses for general education, and the vetting and approval of policies related to general education. The Council on General Education reviews course and activity proposals twice per semester.

Assessment Rubrics

The Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (OIPE) and the Office of General Education partner to assess, recommend, and improve student attainment of general education-related student learning outcomes. 

For questions about assessment or preparing an assessment assignment, faculty should contact Dr. Yan Cooksey (ycooksey@smu.edu) in the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness.  

Frequently-Asked Questions

In order to address the many questions faculty have about the Common Curriculum and its processes, the Office of General Education has created this list of frequently asked questions. The questions are organized by topic, and together, they constitute the most frequently asked questions the Office of General Education has received about the CC.