Geek Styr

GeekStyr is a Dating and Friends app for Geeks! GeekStyr is committed to helping our users find connections based on shared values and interests that go beyond a photo! GeekStry is founded by Tom Hauser


Plutus21 is a fundamentals-based, thesis-driven fund targeting the picks-and-shovels of blockchain technology. Plutus 21 is founded by Hamiz Awan
qup music


CIRV is an on-demand mobile marketing and data analytics solution for small businesses.

Commerce Navigator

Commerce Navigator ties together bookkeeping, order management, fulfillment, pricing, and personalized support leveraging data to provide insights that save time, money, and frustration for small e-commerce business owners.


eSecureDocs is a woman-owned software company allowing users to complete contracts and documents quickly, accurately, and securely eliminating the need to use multiple platforms to create and sign documents.


Kosmos is the intersection of art, technology, and opportunity. The Kosmos way is a virtuous cycle model where the for-profit Kosmos Workforce funds the non-profit Kosmos Art & Tech program to reskill disengaged young adults in the US and Mexico. 


Just drive

Just Drive

Just Drive is an app that awards points and incentives to drivers for not texting and driving. Just Drive is founded by Neha Husein. Read More
Just drive


Processology uses a combination of process discovery, analysis, strategy, improvement, documentation, platforms, and enablement training to help organizations improve and scale their digital operations with intention and ease. We are your end-to-end process and platform improvement consultancy.


U2LYZE is a skills-based recruiting platform increasing visibility and access to skilled workers for employers. A match you can trust.

Vending MyChine

Vending MyChine is a mobile application directed towards consumers to provide direct customer feedback of what item selections they would like stocked in their machine by using a rating system on products. Vending Mychine is founded by Demetrie King


Filtari provides an easy way to clean up your social media in minutes. Filtari helps you find your forgotten embarrassing posts on social media.



Vuzag is a personal guide to your city. A location based search engine that displays a lives snap shot of your community. This application can be used for universities to enhance and promote campus life. Vuzag is founded by Jalen Lynch, Robert Seals, and Daniel Gresham