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Rotunda Scholars Program

The Rotunda Scholars Program (Rotunda) aims to help historically underrepresented first-year students achieve early success at SMU by promoting academic achievement, leadership, and personal excellence. Throughout their first year, Rotunda Scholars are encouraged to explore all that SMU has to offer, empowered to be strong and caring advocates for themselves and others, and evolve into world changers. 

Exclusive Access to a Multitude of Opportunities

Excellence in Action: Doing common things in an uncommon way

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Leadership and Friendship

"This program gave me the opportunity to be a leader and make connections with upperclassmen who gave me great insights to life at SMU. Rotunda has helped me make close friends that I continue to keep in touch with every year of college and it encourages a sense of community that I haven't seen anywhere else on campus."

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Rotunda Scholars Program

Academic Center for Excellence
Contact Nikole Melgarejo ( or (214) 768-4031 for assistance.