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The Student Academic Engagement & Success Staff Resources is a centralized repository of foundational area information, skill-based trainings, professional development resources, and area standards for use by all team members.

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SAES Calendar Event Submission Form: Submit events to appear on various websites within the Student Academic Engagement & Success area. Under categories, be sure to select Student Academic Engagement & Success and other relevant offices, programs, and initiatives. 

SAES Marketing & Communication Project Request Form: Please submit project requests related to informative blog posts, creative digital flyers, website redesign, and other marketing materials. SAES is here to provide you with creative marketing strategies. Under the categories of marketing types, you can provide details about the project. 

SAES Wiki: The wiki provides area-wide policies and procedures for team members. Additionally, most individual offices and areas maintain their standard operating procedures within this platform. Don't have access? Ask your SAES Leadership Team member to request your access via an OIT Help Desk ticket.