New Leadership Seminar Series


Fall 2022/Spring 2023, Friday, 12:00-1:30 p.m.
PAB 311 (unless otherwise noted on schedule)

Enrollment by Invitation:
Each year the Office of the Provost hosts a seminar series which provides the opportunity to learn from campus leaders about their perspectives within an informal group setting. This year, the series will be focused as the “New Leadership Seminar Series.” We have such a large number of incoming leaders at all levels, from chair to dean and associate provost, thus we hope this series offers them an opportunity to connect.

The series will be theme-based with a focus on collaborative and strategic financial planning. Collaborative and Strategic Financial Planning focuses on how individuals work both within their area and across areas to make decisions using data, with a particular focus on how an understanding of the budget shapes those conversations and decisions. The primary focus will be on data-based decision making with a particular that inform the options available for short- and long-term strategic investments.

Seminar Goals:
Faculty participants will develop an understanding of:
➢ How SMU is Run from Organizational, Budgetary, and Strategic Perspectives
➢ Best practices for addressing the many challenges that arise in a university

Faculty participants will contribute to:
➢ Candid conversations about opportunities and challenges as SMU moves forward toward key strategic goals
➢ Bringing fresh perspectives to the table while building relationships across campus

Faculty participants will be asked to complete an evaluation form that will be sent to them after the last class session to determine the overall effectiveness of the Seminar Series and insights for the next series of seminars.