Faculty Search and Recruitment

The following steps provide a brief outline of procedures required for the recruitment process. These steps must be followed for tenure and non-tenure track, full-time faculty positions, including those listed in University Policy 6.24. Required forms can be submitted electronically to accessequity@smu.edu and are located on the Office of Institutional Access and Equity Faculty Search and Recruitment Resources page.

For detailed information, review the "SMU Model for Faculty Search and Recruitment" document. Refer to page 1 for specific information regarding procedures to follow.

  • STEP 1. Complete and submit the FACULTY RECRUITMENT REQUEST FORM (Appendix B), including the FACULTY RECRUITMENT PLAN, advertisement, and other attachments as indicated on Appendix B.

  • STEP 2. Once the position is posted, follow-up all applications with an APPLICANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER (Appendix L) and include the link to the request for data that goes to IAE.

  • STEP 3. Before interviewing, complete and submit the ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEW REQUEST FORM (Appendix N), Include attachments as indicated.

  • STEP 4. Before extending an offer, complete and submit the FACULTY PERMISSION TO HIRE FORM (Appendix Q). Include attachments as indicated.

Any variance to these procedures must be requested in writing through the Office of the Provost.

in the SMU Model for Faculty Search and Recruitment document for further information on Variances.