Office of the Provost

Daniel P. Eady

Assistant Provost (Chief of staff)

As Assistant Provost (Chief of Staff), Daniel will provide day-to-day support for the Provost Office's operational activities and strategic initiatives.  Eady assumed this role effective 03 January, 2017.

About Daniel P. Eady

Previously, Eady has held administrative positions at Baylor University, including the position of Chief of Staff to the Provost, a position he held during Baylor’s design and implementation of their long-range strategic plan.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University in 1996, graduating summa cum laude and named the top graduating senior in the university. In 1999, he earned his Masters of Education Degree from Harvard University with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, Planning, and Social Policy.

Daniel's previous work experience across a broad range of higher education institutions and content areas (both academic and administrative) uniquely prepares him for his new position at SMU.  For the past decade, he has collaborated with constituents at a number of public and private universities seeking to make strategic, technologic, and administrative enhancements. Examples include initiatives at the University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, and Columbia University, and online learning transitions for Arizona State University.

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