The responsibilities of the Provost include overseeing all the academic programs and units of the University; supporting and shaping the direction of undergraduate and graduate education; supporting faculty teaching and research; and overseeing academic policies of the University.

The ultimate mission of this office is to support and implement the academic mission of SMU: to create new knowledge, and to provide a transformative education that will equip students to be lifelong learners and engaged citizens in a globalized, diverse, and rapidly changing world.

The associate and assistant provosts, together with the provost’s administrative and operations staff, support the Provost in carrying out the responsibilities of the Provost.



Associate Provosts

Associate Vice Presidents

  • James E. Quick, Dean of the Moody School of Graduate and Advanced Studies and Associate Provost for Research
  • Wes Waggoner, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

 Assistant Provost (Chief of Staff)

  • Daniel Eady, Assistant Provost for Strategy and Operations and Chief of Staff


Organization Chart

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