AAUW, American Association of University Women                www.aauw.org
  AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships--to $12,000. Fem, minority, math/engrg. Deadline January.
  AAUW International Fellowships – $18,000  Open to non-citizens; graduate. Deadline Dec. 1
  AAUW Dissertation Fellowships -- $20,000 to complete writing; all fields.  Deadline November.

AWIS Internships                                            www.awis.org/careers
Association for Women in Science.  Undergrad, soph+.  Summer, fall, spring internships at AWIS national office in Washington, D.C.  Spring and fall application deadlines.

Leland Fossil Energy Fellowship                http://fossil.energy.gov/education/lelandfellowships
Travel cost and stipend for 10-week summer internship.  Women and minority students in Fossil Energy. Apply Sept-Janu.

Microsoft Graduate Women's Scholarships    http://research.microsoft.com
$15,000 for first- or 2nd-yr grad student in CSE, EE, or Math.  Non-citizens may also apply.  Deadline Oct. 15

Schillings Foreign Language Scholarships        www.cjsfoundation.org
$1,500 to Girl Scout Silver or Gold majoring or minoring in foreign language.  Deadline May 15

Schillings Study Abroad                                        www.cjsfoundation.org
$1,000 to Girl Scout Silver or Gold for semester, year, or summer study abroad; any major.  Deadlines May 15 (summer, fall, or year), December 1 (for spring).

Women in Defense, Horizons Scholarship                 http://wid.ndia.org/horizon/
Citizen, need, grad or undergraduate jr/sr, career toward national security, 3.25+, (Poli sci, eco, international studies, Law, Engineering, computer sci, physics, math, business)  Deadline July 1.

Society of Women Engineers                                       http://www.swe.org         
   SWE Gilbreth Scholarship – $5,000  Female undergraduate, engineering major.  Deadline May.
   SWE Hewlett-Packard Scholarship – $1,000  Female undergraduate, engineering. Deadline Feb.
   SWE Admiral Grace Hopper Scholarship – female ug, $1,000  deadline May 15

Google, Anita Borg Scholarship                                   www.google.com/anitaborg
$10,000 Grad or undergrad sr; 3.50+, computer sci or comp. engnrg; for grad study.  Deadline January.

American Society of Women Accountants                www.aswa.org/scholarship.html
To $4,000  Fem accounting or finance major, full- or part-time; w/ min. 60 sem hrs; Deadlines vary.

WTS Scholarships                                            SMU Office of National Fellowships
Undergrad and grad scholarships.  Women in Transportation.  $1,000.  Women planning career in a transportation-related field.  Engineering, public policy, urban planning...Deadline Oct.