Faculty Fellowships and Awards

Faculty Fellowships and Awards

SMU's Office of National Fellowships and Awards helps faculty to apply or be nominated for awards which are from sources external to the University and which are awarded to individuals.  (For potential funding sources for sponsored projects, see http://smu.edu/research/ )

Click on these links to review listings, and contact us to apply. Also note the pan-disciplinary listings below these.

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Sam Taylor Fellowships
                           contact SMU Office of National Fellowships
All fields.  Full-time faculty in Methodist-related colleges in Texas.  Up to $2,000 toward expenses for a research project that advances the intellectual, social, or religious life of Texas and the nation.  Past SMU recipients have come from all schools and departments.  Deadline July 31

AAUW Fellowships                                    www.aauw.org
    Postdoc Research Leave Fellowships -- $30,000, one year. Intended to assist in obtaining tenure.  Female; Ph.D., MFA, EdD, DBA, or DM by application. Arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences. Preference to projects that are not dissertation revision. Deadline early Nov.

    Summer/Short-Term Research Publication Grants -- $6,000 for 8-week consecutive period. To prepare manuscript for publication. Female; must have doctorate or MFA. May also be part-time or temporary faculty. For drafting, editing, review; not for preliminary research. Cannot be co-authored. Scholars with strong publication records should seek elsewhere. Deadline early Nov.

BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Awards        www.fbbva.es/awards
$600,000 award recognizing research in:  physics, chemistry, math, biomedicine, conservation biology, information technologies, economics; or creative excellence in music, painting, sculpture.  Nom deadline June.

Burkhardt Residential Fellowships            www.acls.org/grants
$75,000.  Academic-year residential fellowships for recently-tenured humanists and related social sciences.  For long-term, unusually ambitious projects of wide scope and high significance. September

Canada Research Grants                        http://geo.international.gc.ca/can-am
Grants for writing articles with focus on Canada or Canada-US relations.  Also course development/enrichment grants, conference grants, program enhancement grants.  September. 

Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Residency        www.rockfound.org/bellagio
4-week residency at Bellagio, Italy.  Scholars, scientists, and creative artists in all fields. January

Japan Foundation                                    www.jfny.org/hqactivities.html
Long-term (2-12 months) & short-term (21-60 days) Research Fellowships. Airfare, stipend.  Nov.1

Kovalevskaja Award                                www.humboldt-foundation.de/kovalevskaja
A. von Humboldt Foundation. To 1.65 million euros, for 5 yrs unrestricted research in Germany, at institutions and with teams of choice. All disciplines; up to 6 years from receipt of Ph.D.  Deadline January

Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships          www.daad.de/leibniz
Postdoc grants in Germany, up to 12 months.  PhD within past 2 yrs.  Humanities, social science, education, math, life sciences, engineering.  June 15

Dan David Prize                                        www.dandavidprize.org
3 prizes annually, $1 million each. Categories:  Past; Present; Future. For achievements with outstanding scientific, cultural, social, or technological impact.

Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order      www.grawemeyer.org
$200,000 for original, feasible ideas which could lead to a more just and peaceful world order. They may address a wide range of global concerns such as cooperation on environmental or other issues; international law; world politics; global economic issues; resolution of regional, ethnic, or racial conflicts; proliferation of destructive technologies; international relations; or other.  Deadline early January.

Guggenheim Fellows                                  www.gf.org
Advanced professionals, in all fields except performance.  Apps available July; deadline September.

MacArthur Fellows                                     www.macfound.org
$500,000   All fields.  Exceptional creativity, promise for important future advances based on record of significant accomplishment, and potential for subsequent creative work.  Nomination only by invitation of MacArthur Fellows Program, anonymous.

Residential Fellows, CASBS                    www.casbs.org/programs
Academic-year interdiscipl residential fellowship, Stanford Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Social and natural sciences, humanities, arts, professions.  June 1

CASBS Summer Institutes                            www.casbs.org/programs
Stanford, 6-week interdisciplinary seminars; targeted to faculty tenured in past 3-4 years.  March 31

Carnegie-CASE Professor of the Year        www.professorsoftheyear.org
$5,000 and Congressional recognition. For excellence in teaching and impact on undergraduates.  By institutional and colleague nomination.  Deadline April.

Cherry Award for Teaching                         www.baylor.edu/Cherry_Awards/
$200,000 and $25,000 to recipient's home department. By University nomination. All fields. Teaching one semester in residence at Baylor University; housing provided.  Extraordinary teaching, distinguished national and international scholarship.  Nomination deadline November 1.

Gruber Prize                                                  www.gruberprizes.org
$500,000   For groundbreaking work providing new models enabling fundamental shifts in knowledge/culture:  Cosmology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Young Scientist Awards, Social Justice, Women's Rights.  Nomination deadline December.

DAAD Grants to Germany                           www.daad.org
   Research Visit Grants -- All fields. 1-3 months or 10-mo. US citzn or perm.res. Adequate German. Grants for research projects (not for travel only). Deadlines Aug 1, Janu.15.
   Research Grants -- for early-stage postdocs. Research or pursuit of German doctorate.
   Helmholtz-DAAD -- Postdoc in earth/envi sci, health, structure of matter, etc. 12-36 months.
   Visiting Professorship -- all fields.  Deadlines July, January.
   Short-Term Lectureship -- host German scholar to teach, 1-6 mo, any field. Deadlines June, Sept, Nov.
   Group Study Visit -- partial subsidy for faculty + 10-15 students.  Application deadlines Nov, Feb, May.
   DAAD-Cornell Summer Seminar -- 4-6 wks. Interdisciplinary, modern German affairs. Deadline March 1.
   Learn German -- All fields except language/lit.  4-8 wks. Must have basic German.  Deadline January.

Fulbright Scholars                                        www.cies.org
   Fulbright Scholars -- Research or lecturing in another country, 3 mo. to 1 yr.
   Fulbright Distinguished Chairs -- Research/lecturing, collaborating with international colleagues.
   Fulbright Specialists -- 2 to 6 weeks, in selected disciplines.

Newton International Fellowships            www.newtonfellowships.org
Funding for 2 yrs post-doc collaborative research in U.K.  Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering.  Apply when completing Ph.D. or up to 6 yrs postdoc.  Deadline August.

Humboldt German Chancellor Scholarships        www.avh.de/en/programme
One year in Germany for professional development, study, or research.  Outstanding potential for future leadership; all fields. U.S. citizen 35 or younger; language not pre-requisite.  Deadline Oct.

Humboldt Research Fellowships                    www.humboldt-foundation.de
   All disciplines; long-term research projects in Germany.

   TransCoop Program -- funds for US-German research collaboration, up to 3 yrs.  Humanities, social sciences, law, economics

Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award        www.window.state.tx.us/scholars
$5,000 honorarium for great teaching.  Full-time instructors.  SMU may nominate one, through internal selection process for nominee.  Deadline Nov.

American-Scandinavian Foundation             www.amscan.org

ACG, American Council on Germany                www.acgusa.org
Goldman Fellowships and Hunt Fellowships:  Travel + per diem up to 28 days, for study on historical or contemporary US-German relations.  Also fellowships for journalists.

AIMS Research Grants to Maghreb                   http://aimsnorthafrica.org
Short-term (1-3 months, to $6,000) and long-term (3+ mo., to $15,000) grants for research on North Africa in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, or Mauritania. US citizen; all disciplines; AIMS member.  December

CAORC Multi-Country Research Fellowships
Council of American Overseas Research Centers. $9,000 to conduct research of regional or trans-regional significance. Worldwide. Humanities, social sciences, allied natural sciences. Deadline Dec.

DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft        www.dfg.de/en
Financing for research collaborations in sciences and humanities; also joint doctoral training programs.

Grants to Sweden                http://www.swedenabroad.com/Page____18553.aspx
Multiple sources listed for short- and longer-term grants to conduct research in Sweden.