About Us

Our staff works with students applying for competitive honors and awards. We offer information sessions for many scholarships, and provide one-on-one help throughout the application process.

What is a fellowship?

Fellowships are funding granted by both public and private organizations for graduate school, internships, study abroad, and other learning opportunities. Fellows demonstrate strong interest and preparation in their fields, and apply to fund a specific goal, often in a specific location.

Who should apply?

You! Each fellowship has different criteria and preferences for GPA, major, language proficiency, etc. We are here to help you navigate the possibilities and put your best foot forward.

What level of research experience do I need?

This varies by fellowship. Some do not require any research background. If the fellowship you seek requires research experience, it will be helpful to gain some under one of your professors.

When should I start applying?

It is never too early! Look through the Scholarships page for the deadlines of many major scholarships. The Application Tips page also has a timeline to help you structure your university career in preparation for landing a scholarship.