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blue rose

Blue Rose Media

Blue Rose Media Group is a multimedia company that fosters racial healing, through truthful and transformative storytelling. Blue Rose Media is founded by Pamela Bailey.

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curly solutions

Curly Solutions

Curly Solutions is using scientific data and artificial intelligence, to develop curly styling products based on customers’ unique hair needs and goals. Curly Solutions is founded by Mona El-Gharby

Quick Disinfecting Force

Quick Disinfecting Force is an electrostatic disinfecting service that eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria protecting surfaces for up to 30 days. Their approach results in less chemicals for a healthier environment.
smu esports

SMU E-Sports Club

The SMU Esports is a club that promotes gaming among both casual and competitive circles at SMU. The club sponsors a number of competitive teams as well as host social and charity events throughout the year. SMU Esports Club is founded by Evan Siewert.