Data Stewardship Subcommittee (DSS)

The Data Stewardship Subcommittee is an element of the University’s overall Data Governance Structure. The subcommittee will carry out its charge under the direction of the Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC). The purpose of the subcommittee is to act as a consultative group that will recommend solutions to issues concerning data -acquisition, creation, integrity, management, quality, sharing, privacy, and documentation.


  • Co-Chair: Vinay Ramachandra, Institutional Research
  • Co-Chair: Curt Herridge, Information Technology
  • Diane Kucera, Blackbaud: Development and External Affairs
  • Allison Kanny, Campus Labs: Connect.SMU, Orgs@SMU, Collegiatelink
  • Cassidy Porter, Canvas: Learning Management System
  • David Chambers, Innosoft Fusion: Dedman Rec Member Management
  • Ana Giron, Peoplesoft: Employee SMU
  • Judy King, Peoplesoft: Employee SMU-Faculty Events
  • Joe Papari, Peoplesoft: MY.SMU-Enrolled Students
  • Sharla Walker, Peoplesoft: MY.SMU-Financial Aid
  • Vinh Pham, Peoplesoft: SMU Financials
  • Adam Pressler, Information Technology
  • Cruz Lopez, Slate: SMU Admissions
  • Ashley Wendler, STAR-REZ: Residential Management System


The subcommittee will, for Southern Methodist University’s institutional data and information assets :

  • Give guidance and recommendations concerning institutional data related to expanding access, improving quality, and business performance management.
  • Recommend processes to support better coordination and collaboration of data assets.
  • Advise on best data sources and effective data management practices in the implementation of decision-support systems.
  • Recommend data system projects that improve efficiency and/or quality to the Data Governance Steering Committee.
  • Recommend solutions to resolve data related issues when conflicts arise.
  • Add and update the University’s Business Glossary (Data Glossary -
  • Maintain the university’s list of information assets (Data Holdings).
  • Guide/Manage the stewardship of institutional data using the definitions/clarifications outlined in the “Data Stewards Roles and Responsibilities –Definitions” document for the following:
    • Data Integrity,
    • Data Management,
    • Data Classification,
    • Data Access,
    • Data Lifecycle