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Faculty Incentive Grant Program

Maguire Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the SMU faculty members who have been awarded a Maguire Ethics Center Faculty Incentive Grant for the development of a research publication or a new ethics course. The Faculty Incentive Grant Program was created to enhance existing ethics courses, develop new ethics courses and increase faculty publications and research in the field of ethics.

Recipients are organized chronologically below.

If you have questions about the Maguire Faculty Incentive Grant program, please contact us at or (214) 768-4255.

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New Ethics Course Developments (4)

Jill DeTemple
Department of Religious Studies
New Ethics Course: Problems in the Philosophy of Religion and Gender, Religion and International Development

Dallas Gingles and Hugo Magallenes
Perkins School of Theology
New Ethics Course: Moral Theory and Bioethics

Frank Hernandez
Simmons School of Education and Human Development
New Ethics Course: The Ethical Teacher

Nia Parson
Department of Anthropology
New Ethics Course: The Ethics of Care


Ethics Course Revisions (2)

Eric Hinton
Dedman Law School
Course Revision: Ethics and Compliance for the Global Enterprise

Elizabeth Russ
Department of World Languages and Literature
Course Revision: Texas-Mexico Borderlands: A Social, Political, Cultural and Economic Story


Research and Manuscript Publications (2)

Jennifer Matey
Department of Philosophy
Publication Title: Sexual Consent and Deception About the Self

Carolyn Smith-Morris
Department of Anthropology
Publication Title: An Ethnography of Community-Building, Generating Good Indians, and the Ethics of Global Society

New Ethics Course Developments (5)

Sabri Ates
Department of History
New Ethics Course: Coexistence and Conflict in the Middle East
Shannon Lunt and Reva Pollack
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
New Ethics Course: Research Ethics
Luigi Manzetti
Department of Political Science
New Ethics Course: Public Ethics, Democracy, and Corruption Control in Emerging Markets
Luke RobinsonandBrad Thompson
Department of Philosophy
New Ethics Course: The Ethics of Pleasure and Pain
Susanne Scholz
Perkins School of Theology
New Ethics Course: The Ethics of Biblical Interpretation

Ethics Research Publications (4)

Simon Dalley,Frederick Grinnell, and Karen Shepherd
Department of Physics and UTSW
Research Article: Ethics of Science Practice in High School Science Fairs
Frank Hernandez
Education Policy and Leadership
Research Article: Understanding Adolescent’s Perceptions of Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Cross-Sectional Study
Meghan Ryan
Dedman School of Law
Research Article: Secret Conviction Algorithms
Aurelie Thiele
Department of Engineering Management, Information and Systems
Research Article: Ethics in Quantitative Decision-Making

New Ethics Course Developments (9)

G. William Barnard
SMU Department of Religious Studies
New Ethics Course: Living from the Heart (of it All): An Exploration of Mystical/Spiritual Ethics

Olga Colbert
SMU Department of World Languages and Literature
New Ethics Course: Leadership and Ethics in Literature

Bradley Klein
SMU Embrey Human Rights Center
New Ethics Course: Ethics and Human Rights

Rachel Buchanan, Kathy Hubbard, John Kiser, and Panagiotis Papamichalis
SMU Hart Center for Engineering Leadership
New Ethics Course Module: Engineering Ethics Toolkit

Thomas Mayo
SMU Dedman School of Law
New Ethics Course: Public Health Law and Ethics

Monnie McGee
SMU Department of Statistical Science
New Ethics Course: Ethics and Data Science

Mark Nausha
SMU Guildhall
New Ethics Course: Ethics in Game Development and the Entertainment Industry

Milan Sevak
SMU Department of Education, Policy and Leadership
New Ethics Course: Ethical and Moral Leadership 

J. Matthew Wilson
SMU Department of Political Science
New Ethics Course: The Ethics of Revolution and Civil Disobedience

Ethics Research Publications (7)

Scott Baker, Hiba Rahim, and Annie Wright
SMU Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE)
Research Article: A Community-Embedded Response to a Food Desert Problem: Evaluation of a School-Based Scarcity Intervention

James Calvert and Lindy Fields
SMU Department of Psychology
Research Article: Informed Consent Procedures with Cognitively Impaired Patients: A Review of Ethics and Best Practices

Jeffrey Engel
SMU Center for Presidential History
Research Article: When Genocide is Best: The Ethics and Wisdom of American Inaction in a Post-Cold War World

Cara Jacocks
SMU Department of Communication Studies
Research Article: The Ethics of Delivering a Prenatal Trisomy 21 Diagnosis: An Exploration of the Factors that Influence Parental Decisions in the Aftermath of Diagnosis

Luigi Manzetti
SMU Department of Political Science
Research Article: Explaining People’s Support for Corrupt Incumbents in Latin America 2004 – 2012

Maria Dixon and Stephanie A. Martin
SMU Department of Communication Studies
Research Article: Please Sir, May I Have Another? 

Lynne Stokes, Alan Elliott, and Jing Cao
SMU Department of Statistical Science
Research Article: Teaching Ethics in Statistical Consulting

New Ethics Course Developments (2)

Robert Howell and Ken Daley
SMU Department of Philosophy
New Ethics Course: Neuroethics

Helen Reynolds
SMU Department of Economics
New Ethics Course: Ethics in Economics

Existing Ethics Course Enhancements (7)

Michael Adler and Susan Benton Bruning
SMU Department of Anthropology
Course Title: The Plundered Past: Archaeology’s Challenges in the Modern World 

Ravi Batra
SMU Department of Economics
Course Title: Macroeconomic Principles 

James Calvert
SMU Department of Psychology
Course Title: Ethics in Psychology 

Sunday Eiselt
SMU Department of Anthropology
Course Title: Contemporary Archeology: Ethics and Controversies 

Steve Hiltz
SMU Department of Philosophy
Course Title: Business Ethics: Corporate Culture, Individual Integrity, and the Social Contract 

Victoria Lockwood
SMU Department of Anthropology
Course Title: Contesting Development: Global/Local Impacts and Human Rights and Gender and Globalization: Cultural and Ethical Issues

Lynne Stokes and Alan Elliott
SMU Statistical Science
Course Title: Statistical Consulting