Common Reading

Welcome to the SMU Common Reading Program!  The Common Reading Program is an established start-of-school tradition at SMU.  As the incoming class you will receive the book during the summer at AARO and should read it before you arrive for the start of the fall semester.  Faculty, staff, and returning SMU students have already begun reading and discussing the book in preparation for small-group conversations you will participate in before Rotunda Passage and Opening Convocation.  Your first-year writing courses will use the book as part of your curriculum for the fall semester.  

The Other Wes Moore

A story of one name & two fates

The Story

WesMoorebookCoverTwo kids with the same name living in the same decaying city. One grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader. The other is serving a life sentence in prison for felony murder. Here is the story of two boys and the journey of a generation. Read more about this incredible story

The Author

Wes Moore

Wes Moore is a youth advo­cate, Army com­bat vet­eran, social entre­pre­neur, and host of Beyond Belief on the Oprah Win­frey Net­work. His first book The Other Wes Moore became an instant New York Times and Wall Street Jour­nal bestseller.Read more about this fascinating author!


Be sure to check out our resources page where you will find helpful information on this year's common reading. We have including web resources to help you learn more about poverty and income level statistics, a number of videos and audio to help you explore the story further as well as insight from students, faculty and staff on our perspectives page.

Ethical Issues

ethics2The Other Wes Moore is more than just an intriguing narrative. It is a story about lessons and morals. Visit our ethical issues page to explore and discuss the myriad of ethical issues present in the book.

Upcoming Events

Pick up your free copy of the book at AARO! Dates for AARO can be found here


Margi Evans

My perspective of The Other Wes Moore is colored by my childhood memories of Baltimore. I grew up in Baltimore County, not far from Wes Moore’s home...continue reading

Roza Essaw

Roza Essaw

The Other Wes Moore does much more than narrate a fascinating tale of two kids—it invites young people to seriously ponder the choices they make...continue reading
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