John Yoo debates BORDC’s Chip Pitts

Emily Odgers, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Nov 17 2011

Author of the “torture memos” and former Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer John Yoo faced questions in a debate with Chip Pitts, former president of BORDC’s board of directors, about his role in detainee treatment and torture.

The debate took place in Dallas last month at the Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Yoo coauthored legal documents for the DOJ under the Bush administration authorizing the cruel and inhumane treatment of detainees. Yoo has never faced legal repercussions for writing these legally flawed and morally indefensible memos.

At the end of the debate, attendees were told to exit the door assigned to each debater. According to witnesses at the debate the final score was Pitts, 55, and Yoo, 18.

More evidence that Americans don’t find torture acceptable.
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