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Dallas council to attend ethics conference Wednesday

Rudolph Bush, The Dallas Morning News, October 30, 2011 

File this under “can’t hurt”, I guess.

Come Wednesday, Mayor Mike Rawlings wants the Dallas City Council to pile into the big white vans and head up to SMU for an ethics conference.

Rawlings mentioned it a couple of weeks ago at the council’s annual retreat, and SMU confirmed they are expecting a large contingent of council members.

Specifically, the council will attend “Ethics, Trust & Transparency: Business, Government and the Case for Voter Concern.”

Rita Kirk, director of SMU’s Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility, called the council’s decision “a bold statement about our community’s commitment to ethics.”

The conference sounds both timely and interesting.

It will look into “the ethical practices of big business and government in light of such controversial topics as economic inequity, corporate greed and the power of lobbyists.”

Ripe topics for City Hall at anytime, and especially now, with a couple of lobbyists/political consultants who are tight with the mayor entangled in a federal probe.

Not to mention the fact that Occupy Dallas is camping on City Hall’s doorstep over concerns about some of those very same issues.

Rest assured, I’ll be there Wednesday.
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